Dr. Joseph Garcia

Dr. Joseph Garcia began his career as a professional educator in the early 1970s when he learned American Sign Language.

He served as an interpreter in medical and legal settings as well as in high schools and colleges since 1976. He has been active in the Deaf community throughout his adult life. He served on the Alaskan Governor's Committee on Employment for Persons with Disabilities and has received several major awards for his ground-breaking research in communication and youth development.

Dr. Garcia's Medical Sign Language, published in 1983, offered a dictionary of ASL signs for medical terms.  

Dr. Garcia's internationally known programs titled Sign with your Baby in the U.S. and Dr. Joseph Garcia's Complete Guide To Baby Sign Language in the UK have been credited with beginning the baby signing revolution. His new Baby Sign Language and Fingerspelling books and online courses can be reviewed at:

His military emergency response background coupled with decades of signing experience have resulted in the creation of the Medi-Sign program.